Law & Justice

Benevolence and justice

Within the framework of the Law Center “Law and Justice”, we provide free legal services to people who needs legal protection, but not able to pay for the services of lawyers. In this way we want to withstand the injustice that exists in our world, and to support those who can not defend themselves. In addition, we are involved in legal matters relating to freedom of conscience and religious freedom.

  City on the Hill

The religious community of Evangelical Christian Church “City on the Hill” was illegally denied in statute registration by Kyiv City State Council. Lawyers of our Center prepared a lawsuit and represented the community’s interests in court. As a result Kyiv City Administrative Court of Appeal cancelled the wrongful order of Kyiv City State Administration and obliged KCSA to register the statute of the religious community. Though it took over one year of litigation, justice prevailed.

   Street Kids

Sometimes it happens that child which lose parents’ care gets to orphanage without appropriate papers. Because of this the child loses his opportunity to fully use all the priviliges provided by legislation. Our lawyers were involved in the process of restoring documents for such children from Komarivka orphanage in Chernihiv Region.

   Unlawfully Convicted and Rehabilitated

Back in the Soviet Union times Viktor Burdeinyi was unlawfully convicted for sharing the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, and served his sentence. After the downfall of the Soviet Union he was vindicated by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, however he was not able to receive the legally provided monetary compensation. Upon consultancy with the lawyers of our firm Viktor received a clear vision of his legal rights. A lawsuit was prepared and our legal advisers represented his interests in courts of different instances. Eventually court ruled in favor of Mr. Burdeinyi, and the compensation was paid in full.


Vira Ohorodnyk’s husband passed away before he was able to receive inheritance left after his relative’s demise. Mrs. Ohorodnyk was at risk of losing her right of inheritance due to her inability to afford a legal counselor. The Center’s law specialists took up the task of representing her interests before the court. As a result Mrs. Ohorodnyk obtained her title for an apartment in Kyiv.

   Evicted from Apartment

At the age of 70 Volodymyr Kravchuk got into a very tight situation. Taking advantage of his ignorance in legal issues, his grandson devised notary documents and tried to evict him from his apartment. With no other place to live Volodymyr was looking in the face of homelessness. Our lawyers helped Volodymyr with his legal claim and offered him proper presentation in court. As a result justice prevailed and Volodymyr retained his right to live in the apartment.

   Criminal Case

Serhii Komendant committed a robbery, however later he turned himself in to the authorities and even assisted in investigation. Nevertheless, the investigator qualified his actions erroneously and incriminated plunder instead of robbery. Lawyers of the Center joined to defend Mr. Komendant. Court of first instance convicted him in plunder committed by an organized group and he sentenced him to 7 years’ imprisonment. Our lawyers appealed, however the Appellate Court satisfied the verdict and declined the appeal. After the second appeal the Supreme Court of Ukraine satisfied it changing the verdict of the court of the first instance from plunder to robbery with punishment of 4 years’ imprisonment.

While serving his sentence, Mr. Comendant repented before God and accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. Due to the fact that the Supreme Court reduced the punishment to 4 years, Serhii Komendant was able to take advantage of the Law of Ukraine “On Amnesty”, and was released after 2 years in prison.

We are confident that God used this situation in order to bring Serhii to Himself, since he was released almost immediately after he repented in prison, being inprisoned only 2 years instead of 7. Also Serhii reimbursed all the damages to the victim of this crime.

 The Navigators

Kyiv City Department of Justice unlawfully denied registration of non-governmental organization “The Navigators”. Lawyers of our Center challenged the unlawful decision in court. The NGO was eventually registered, however the litigation continues. The goal of the latter is to reinforce it to the state officials that it is illegal to break Ukrainian Law, and that the Center’s lawyers are ready to protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the rest of its legislation.