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Dr Catherine Nawrotek.

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In modern instruments radar method is used using a reflectometer TDR method and transients. In practice, the precise location of failure is usually carried out acoustic technique. Despite existing latest generation of automated devices for fault location of cable lines, the location is still an art and technology. Still required to personnel undertaking the activity location extensive knowledge and experience, because each type of damage requires individual interpretation and selection of the optimal procedures, as well as measurement methods and apparatus and equipment. Localization of the site of damage or weakening of the lateral insulation of a coaxial cable according to the invention, is possible by measuring the input impedances at the beginning and end of the cable shown in its opening at the other end with a suitably chosen frequency sinusoidal signal wejściowego.Korzyści wynalazkuSposób the application of the invention, more precisely determined distance to the fault than the method reflectometer.

Apply common measuring devices and does not require an interpretation of the graphic and does not need assistive devices (stroke generator, reburning device) in order to locate the damage, so this method is more economical and easier to implement than reflektometru.Metoda method allows you to locate the fault, is located near one end of the cable, which in the case of a reflectometer is very trudne.Lokalizacja the lesion and determination of its value by measuring the input Continue Reading »

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