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Nevada Gaming Control Board Still Hunting for Six Most Desired

Nevada Gaming Control Board Still Hunting for Six Most Desired

The capture of Jubreal Chahine leaves six individuals on the Control Board’s most-wanted list. (Image: Nevada Control Board)

The capture of Jubreal Chahine was a major coup for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He was certainly one of the seven casino that is most-wanted for officials within the state, as there were seven warrants out against him at the full time of their capture. But that’s just the start for state regulators, and they’d prefer to see one other six most-wanted gambling criminals on the list to meet the end that is same Chahine.

Chahine was a man whom had utilized a high level of low-value scams to bilk gambling enterprises for money. He had pulled basic schemes like placing late bets (known as ‘past posting’) at roulette tables or swapping in larger denomination chips when he knew he’d win at the blackjack table at gambling enterprises across the United States sufficient times to rack up 21 felony fees.

‘Guys like Chahine are exactly what I call low-level, repeat offenders,’ said the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Chief of Enforcement Karl Bennison. ‘Who knows how several times he was successful, but with it, cheating can be profitable. if it is possible to get away’

Most-Wanted List Determined by Extradition

Chahine ended up being certainly one of seven individuals which had been put on the Control Board’s exclusive list of the most casino that is notorious. In order to choose who ends Continue Reading »

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Atlantic City Trump Plaza Likely to Close in September

Atlantic City Trump Plaza Likely to Close in September

Trump Plaza’s shutdown will imply that as four Atlantic City casinos could possibly be closed this 12 months. (Image: Lisa Andres/Flickr)

The casino industry of Atlantic City is currently dealing with an unprecedented freefall. After many years of declining revenues, at minimum two casinos have already closed or plan to close this season, and another is facing a 2nd bankruptcy in couple of years. And now, a fourth has stated that they also expect to shut straight down in just a months that are few.

That is the fate that is apparent of Trump Plaza casino, as Trump Entertainment Resorts has said that they anticipate the venue to close on September 16. Whilst the owners reportedly said that the choice isn’t entirely last, employees had been to get warnings regarding the anticipated closing on previously this week.

‘Although [the] review have not been completed and no final decision was made, the business expects it will terminate the operations of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino on or shortly after September 16, 2014,’ the company told the Associated Press.

Trump Plaza Joins Other AC Closures

If the closure goes through as anticipated, the effect could be that as much as a third of Atlantic City’s casinos could close down this year. In January, the Atlantic Club shuttered its doors, while the Showboat is about to close in August. Meanwhile, the Revel is currently in bankruptcy court for the second time, and may potentially Continue Reading »

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Brand New Jersey Regulators: ‘We Can’t Make Casinos Stay Open

 Brand New Jersey Regulators: ‘We Can’t Make Casinos Stay Open

Caesars plans to close the Showboat in Atlantic City on August 31; three other New Jersey casinos may also be facing shutdowns. (Image:

With four Atlantic City casinos potentially shutting this 12 months, many within the town in addition to greater nj-new jersey are understandably shocked. Keeping those casinos open just a longer that is little help soften the blow a little by providing employees and officials more time to plan for the future. But while that would be nice, state officials state they cannot force those casinos to stay in procedure if the properties want to power down.

New Jersey state casino regulators have said that they cannot force two casino owners to remain open for an additional four months while they wait to see if new buyers can be found. The two casinos, the Showboat and Trump Plaza, are both expected to close this summer.

Private Business Decision

Last thirty days, State Senator James Whelan, along with Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and Chris Brown, had asked the brand New Jersey Casino Control Commission (NJCCC) to force both of the casinos to stay open for a number of months past their intended closing dates. However, NJCCC Chairman Matthew Levinson published back earlier this to say that determining a closing date is a decision that belongs to those businesses alone, and sits far beyond the commission’s authority month.

‘ The commission simply doesn’t have Continue Reading »

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UK Players Banned from Betting on Open Championship Golf

UK Players Banned from Betting on Open Championship Golf

Lee Travino, who bet on himself to win the 1971 Open Championship at 14-1 and blew away the field. (Image:

The globe’s best golfers are up in hands this week at the Open Championship in the UK, where they have now been asked to signal a waiver to declare that they will not place bets on the outcome of the championship. Betting is one thing of a tradition for many players at the Open, because, of course, sports betting is wholly legal and easily for sale in Britain. At the 1971 Open, Lee Travino famously bet £100 ($171) him to almost triple his prize money when he blew away the field on himself at 14-1, which helped.

However, for the first time at the Open, the R&A, the governing human anatomy associated with the game outside the US, has formally warned players that such behavior is now off-limits, despite the fact it claims the rules have been around in place since 2011. It was news to some. One player, whom wished to remain nameless, told ESPN he was handed the waiver, while his caddy expressed his delight that the ban did not extend to caddies that he was ‘shocked’ when.

We sense way around the rules with that one.

’30 Dudes in Violation’

Pro golfer Graeme McDowell gave an even more measured and professional response, however, stating: ‘It’s really no different than just what we curently have regarding the European Tour and PGA Tour, so that it doesn’t change anything.

‘Honestly we Continue Reading »

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