BBC Ukraine is a representation of the Ukrainian service of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The BBC’s Ukrainian service is a division of the BBC World Service, an international radio station broadcasting in more than 30 languages around the world. – British-Ukrainian version coverage of Ukrainian and world events on the Internet, page of the Ukrainian service of the BBC.


AIR is the official YouTube partner since 2011 and, according to Socialblade, is among the top 3 media networks, exceeding 100 billion views. The network has over 50 thousand channels.

AIR directions:

Multi-channel YouTube Network AIR Network;
Academy of Videoblogging AIR Academy;
advertising agency AIR Brands;
Videoculture festival Videocar


Mainstream Communication & Consulting – one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market. PR-communications (one of the three most professional PR agencies in the country according to the rating “Golden Corn”).


FitCurves, also known in the western countries as Curves International, or simply Curves, was founded in 1992 by Harry and Diane Havin. Over the course of 25 years, Curves International has grown into an international fitness franchise and leader in the field of fitness services for women.

Tretyakoff Production

The recording studio specializes in:

  • studio sound recording
  • duplication of the movie
  • oranging, erection
  • mastering
  • production of radio TV
  • dubbing


NashNet  is Ukrainian Internet provider. It was established at the end of 2003 to build a trunk information infrastructure. By choosing its reliable customer uninterrupted customer care strategy, NashNet has built its own fiber-optic backbone line for its year.

Надія України

Nadiia Ukrainy is a microfinance organization created to provide support to private entrepreneurs, farmers, pensioners and employed people. They provide loans that will help support and develop an existing business, resolve financial issues. For 18 years, Nadiya Ukraine has been operating in Ukraine lending and satisfying the needs of its clients.

All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Children’s Hope Foundation”

Children’s Hope Foundation endeavors to improve the quality of life for children and young people affected by illness, disability or poverty in a responsive and age-appropriate manner.

Children’s Hope Foundation activities are geared towards enhancing the concept of opportunity, recognizing that children are defined individually and should not be further disadvantaged by their illness, disability or situation.


Europ Insurance Brokers is an insurance financial supermarket. Building on its rich international experience, they always try to find the most appropriate solution for the client insurance against the best in their classes of insurance companies operating in Ukraine. Also, all clients are assisted to settle damages when an insured event, so customers get more benefits and save time. They also provide services to large corporate clients, medium and small businesses as well as individuals interested in obtaining a quality service, as in the insurance, and when insurance benefits.

Одна надія

One Hope Project is engaged in the search, training and support of Mentors for orphans.

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